Yes, But… Quit Making Excuses

Have you ever caught yourself looking at photos someone else is posting online of their amazing vacation, hearing about how well a peer is doing with their business, or saw a friend in an incredible relationship and thought to yourself, “must be nice!” Or, if you’re trying to justify why somebody has something that you want...

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Online Business Can Be Synonymous with Loneliness: Here’s What to Do

With running an online business becoming an increasingly popular form of work, there’s one factor that most of us aren’t talking about: the loneliness that can come with it.

Sure, it sounds badass! Posting luxurious-looking Instagram posts poolside with a drink in hand, while simultaneously getting to make your own hours and not...

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Choosing Your Family & Establishing Healthy Boundaries

This topic is going to be a touchy one, but I’ve never been one to shy away from hard conversations, so here we go.

I almost didn’t release this episode.

It’s not my usual format or style of podcast, and I don’t pretend to have the answers on this. Instead, my goal is to open the door to a conversation around family,...

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The Long Way is the Shortest Way

We all want that quick fix, that one things that’s going to help us reach our goal that much faster. Whether it’s with our health, our relationships or our businesses, we just want THE THING that will make it all come together and quickly.

I’m at a business event in Los Angeles right now and this theme has come up a lot,...

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What to Do When You Feel Like a Fraud as an Entrepreneur (Resistance, Imposter Syndrome & Courage)

Maybe you’ve felt that tug that you’re meant to do bigger and better things, but when it comes time to actually do it, you put it off. It feels too big, too scary, putting yourself on the line too much and the risk of failure seems too high to be worth it.

This has come up for me a lot lately as I work on completing some big...

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How to Sleep Like A Boss with Christine Hansen

Sleep. It can elude us, and even stress us out, yet we often don’t even allow ourselves to get the quality sleep we so desperately need. In fact, overall humans are the only mammals on Earth that are purposely sleep-deprived, to the point that we often forget what it even feels like to be well rested.

This episode is SO special, because I...

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What You Focus on Grows: Re-Thinking Comparisons

Another Tough Love Tuesday!

Today’s episode is short but important: spending time comparing yourself to others is a waste of your precious time.

You might be spending all kinds of times worrying about what everyone else is doing, while they’re putting their head down and doing the work. Who is going to accomplish more?


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Save the Drama for Your Mama: Being Drama-Focused is Keeping You From Happiness with Christina Montalvo

Do you have a person in your life where it seems like every story they tell you about their life is drama-filled?

Or, the tougher question: are YOU the person who is always at the centre of drama?

Life happens and shit hits the fan sometimes, but when drama is a constant in your life, either from yourself or from others, it’s probably...

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People Pleasing is Dishonest: The Dangers of Being Agreeable

People pleasing is exhausting.

But more than that, it’s downright dishonest, and trying to be everything to everyone will leave you feeling drained and dissatisfied.

Not only that, how can anyone ever trust your word if you don’t give honest opinions and instead aim to be “easygoing” or simply go with the flow for the...

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