Yes, But… Quit Making Excuses

Have you ever caught yourself looking at photos someone else is posting online of their amazing vacation, hearing about how well a peer is doing with their business, or saw a friend in an incredible relationship and thought to yourself, “must be nice!” Or, if you’re trying to justify why somebody has something that you want and don’t have, maybe you think to yourself something along the lines of “yes, but…. (fill in the blank with some sort of excuse here, depending on scenario.)”

I’m raising my hand over here, because I have absolutely been that person.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned though, it’s that sentiments like that don’t help anyone, and they’re much more a reflection of our own personal insecurities, as well as highlighting things that we might want in our own lives, or would maybe like to change or shift in our lives.

No matter which way you turn it, phrases that start with things like “yes, but…” or “must be nice” are excuses, and they’re a really great opportunity to look in the mirror and see what we need to be doing differently for ourselves.

This episode is breaking all of this down, and giving you the tools you need to start changing the conversation in your head when these thoughts come up…along with actually taking action to feel better about where you’re at right now, AND making some changes in your life.



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