Sex, Single Life & Social Distancing: Managing Trust Issues & Boundaries with Steph Connolly

FIRST UP: I’ll be going live on Instagram & Facebook every single day at 8am ET until the global pandemic / quarantine / isolation is over, whenever that may be.

Each day has a different theme, and overall the idea is to create more connection in a time we desperately need it more than ever as we are physically isolated. Please join...

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Time & the Effect on the Quality of Our Relationships

When we hear that someone is dating or married, one of the first questions we usually ask is, “how long have you been together?”

I LOVED it when people would ask me that when I was in a relationship with my previous partner. I was validated by their reaction when I could tell them how many years we had been together. Although we now...

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What Does “Doing the Work” Even Mean?

This phrase floats around a lot in the personal growth / mindset / mental health world about “doing the work.”

But it’s an incredibly abstract concept, and I’ve found myself have moments of wondering what the hell it even means. What’s involved? What do I have to do? I’m prepared to “do the work”...

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It’s OK to be Angry: Breaking Down a Misunderstood Emotion

Here’s what I want you to know before we get into anything else: there are no ‘bad” or negative emotions. Any emotion that you can experience is normal, human, and completely OK.

Anger is one of those emotions we can tend to believe should be avoided at all costs, and that’s one of the myths that we’re going to get...

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The Stories & Trauma We Hold Around Money with Selina Gray

I’ve been wanting to have someone on the podcast for many months to talk about money in a really deep way to dig up a lot of the stories we hold around our finances and how it can impact our relationships.

When I came Selina, I knew I’d found the right person. It took several more months for us to coordinate our schedules, but it...

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Aligning Values Over Goals

Since it’s the end of the year, the question of New Years resolutions inevitably comes up alongside a look back at the past year, what we’ve accomplished, and what we want to do and change for the year ahead.

This is usually when we make a long list of goals, have high hopes for ourselves, and trying to stick to a handful of new...

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Using the Enneagram to Show Self-Compassion & Understanding with Sarajane Case

You know how I sometimes tell you that I finally got a guest on the podcast that I’ve had in mind (and on a Google doc) to interview for months and months?

Today’s guest, Sarajane Case, is one of those very special people, and I’m so excited to introduce you to her and to chat all things enneagram!

Sarajane is a writer,...

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The Fear of Success is Real: Everything Has a Price

I have a confession to make: I’ve been hiding.

Much as it might seem as though I’ve been putting myself out there more than ever, and I have been, I’ve also struggled with crushing levels of resistance to everything that I want to do and know that I am capable of accomplishing the past couple of months in particular.


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Alone & Lonely Are Not Synonymous: Loneliness is a State of Mind

Let’s face it: most of us are feeling lonelier overall than we ever have before. But sometimes being alone and being lonely are often confused.

What we sometimes forget is that we can be very happy alone. But usually when we’re lonely, we want something to shift or change.

The sad irony in loneliness is that it makes us feel like...

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The Need for Closure is An Inside Job

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried to find closure at one point or another in your life. Whether it’s the ending of a relationship, being ghosted, losing a friendship unexpectedly or perhaps a job, we seek closure so that we can try to find ways to move on.

But it’s easier said than done.

Closure has come up a LOT...

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