[BIZ TIPS] Addressing Strategy, Fear & Pivoting for Digital Entrepreneurs with Tyler J. McCall

This interview is PURE FIRE and I’m beyond grateful to our guest for sharing his incredible expertise with us.

Today we’re talking to Tyler J. McCall.

Tyler is a business and Instagram marketing strategist for online business owners and digital entrepreneurs. He focuses on using Instagram and social media to tell stories, build...

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I’ve always thought of myself as pretty unfiltered, and most who know me have confirmed that opinion to be true.

I’m direct to the point of unintentionally offending people who aren’t used to my level of honesty. I won’t bullshit you, falsely build your hopes up or blow smoke up your ass. If I don’t like you,...

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WTF is Happeningā€¦?

DROPPING APRIL 29TH A brand new podcast that’s going to give a whole new meaning to being unfiltered.

We don’t fit in. Maybe you can relate.

One of us slugs shots of turmeric and ginger, curses like a sailor and laughs at everything society says is not to be laughed at. (Hi, it me ‍)
The other credits her sense of humour and...

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200th Special Edition Episode: 10 Gifts Podcasting Has Given Me

 Episode 200, Wow…to say I’m in shock over hitting 200 episodes might be a bit of an understatement. When I started this podcast I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that it would get to Episode 200, and have been listened to in more than 80 different countries around the globe.

I want to say thank you for coming on this...

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[BIZ TIPS] COVID-19, Leadership & Your Online Business with Sarah Swain of The Great Canadian Woman

I’ve never pushed out an interview episode this fast before, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented action, and if you have an online business, there has never been a more important episode for you to listen to.

Today I’m bringing you my own business coach and a dear friend of mine, Sarah Swain.

Sarah is a former corporate...

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[BIZ TIPS] You Deserve to Be Paid, Not Have Your Brain Picked for Free

I recently saw yet another post in a Facebook group of someone asking for biz and legal advice and offering to take whoever was willing to help out for coffee or green juice.

Please stop this. It’s not a good way to business.

When you ask people to coffee to pick their brain without offering anything other than the $3 it will cost for...

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[BIZ TIPS] But What If I Run Out of Things to Say? 6 Tools to Keep Content Creation Flowing

“But what if I run out of things to say?”

It’s one of the most common questions I’m asked, particularly when it comes to even thinking about launching a podcast.

I get it, because it feels totally overwhelming. There’s so much to do, and even though you know you have a lot to say, there’s always that nagging...

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Travelling Full Time: What They Donā€™t Tell You & Behind the Scenes

Since moving to Bali last July and living here for the better part of the past 8 months, I’ve gotten a lot of questions around what it’s like to like out of a suitcase and how it all works.

Today I’m giving you an inside peek at the good, the bad and the ugly…because I can assure you, it’s not all coconuts and...

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[BIZ TIPS] Coaching Call: Taking an Existing Podcast to the Next Level with Ross Marais


It’s another coaching call episode! You get to listen in live as my guest Ross tells us about his podcast, some of the issues he’s run into with it and how to stay consistent, and he’s walking away with a plan ready to make it happen and implement...

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[BIZ TIPS] Coaching Call: Launching a Podcast with Chelsea Wallace

We’re shaking things up a little bit on the podcast today!

I put out the call on my Instagram stories last week accepting applications for a 24 hour period to have a free 45 minute coaching call with me about podcasting, on the condition that it be recorded and used as a podcast episode so that other people could benefit from hearing it....

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