[BIZ TIPS] Why Arenโ€™t My Podcast Guests Sharing?

OK, so you’ve done what you think is a killer podcast interview, you’ve done all the work and now it’s air day.  Your podcast guest doesn’t share the episode, doesn’t comment on your post, and doesn’t even plug your podcast at all.  What went wrong? Was it something you said? Was it something you...

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Self Integrity & Keeping Promises to Yourself

“We need to watch the language that you’re using because not only can we be really, really hard on ourselves, but if we’re throwing something out into the universe, and then we’re using words like ‘try’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘might’, we are basically telling the universe that we’re not...

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[BIZ TIPS] The Power of Storytelling & How to Share

‘Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s Survival Guide’ ~ Morgan Harper Nichols

Sharing stories is part of the human experience. We all have a story, we’ve all heard other people’s stories, & we’ve all shared our own stories about certain life...

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Unfiltered: Speak Up, Take Up Space & Use Your Voice

You’re going to piss some people off when you start being more vocal with your opinions. But what’s the alternative? Showing up as a shadow of yourself to please people you don’t even like?

We are talking all about being unfiltered and true to yourself today. Life right now, amidst this pandemic/quarantine, is the perfect time...

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Purpose, Using Pain for Growth & Building Multi-Passionate Online Businesses with Dr. Jade Teta

I am so honoured to have a very special friend of mine, Dr. Jade Teta on the Room To Grow Podcast for the second time!

Jade’s first episode was #17 here on the podcast and after more than 200 episodes it remains my second-most downloaded episode ever, which is really no surprise if you know anything about how much incredible value Jade...

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[BIZ TIPS] How to Make Connections & Build Relationships Online When Starting Out

We’re all craving human connection right now more than ever, which is difficult because we can’t physically connect with other humans. So how do we create connections online? Where do we start? How do we bridge that gap, or take the first step?

Today I’m sharing 10 ways that you can begin to connect and create relationships...

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Bonus Episode: Turning the Tables: Emily is Interviewed About The 9 Year Affair

Normally I don’t reshare episodes where I have been interviewed, but in Podcasting for ImpactI teach my students how to be better interviewers, and Kieran blew me away with his skills! He pulled more out of me about my personal story than anyone has ever managed to do, including super tangible, actionable steps you can hopefully...

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Insecurities, Redefining Masculinity & Overcoming Pornography Addiction with Kieran Hedley

Kieran Hedley is an Anxiety Coach, Meditation Guide and Waterfall Adventurer from New Zealand. He considers himself blessed to have been through his own darkness and fear, his own anxiety and hopelessness… to have come out the other side in a progressive way through the exposure to the median between the science and the spiritual.


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This is Not the End of Your Book: Dealing with Tough Seasons

Lack of motivation, mental, emotional, & physical exhaustion are all side effects we face when dealing with trauma. That’s really what this is right now isn’t it? A global trauma. But has anyone told you it’s totally ok to be feeling all those feels?

Because it is, it’s all completely normal, and it’s time to...

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[BIZ TIPS] Addressing Strategy, Fear & Pivoting for Digital Entrepreneurs with Tyler J. McCall

This interview is PURE FIRE and I’m beyond grateful to our guest for sharing his incredible expertise with us.

Today we’re talking to Tyler J. McCall.

Tyler is a business and Instagram marketing strategist for online business owners and digital entrepreneurs. He focuses on using Instagram and social media to tell stories, build...

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