Rest for Success and How to Manage Metabolism with Jade Teta

Today’s guest is extra special to me, because he has (unbeknownst to him) had a massive impact on the direction of my life, personal interests and career up to this point.

I’m so honoured to have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Jade Teta, and for anyone who isn’t already familiar with his work, I strongly advise...

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How to Keep Your Gut Happy While Travelling

Quickie episode today, because if you’re listening to this episode in real time, summer is in full swing and there are road trips, vacations, and poolside parties to enjoy πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately, all of those things can be pretty tough on gut health, and digestion often slows when we’re travelling or eating/drinking things we...

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Holistic Skincare, Oil Cleansing & Mindfulness with Rachel Devine of R Devine Skin Care

Rachel Devine is an award-winning holistic aesthetician from Hamilton, Ontario and is the formulator of R Devine Organic Skin Care, an all-natural, holistic skin care line. Rachel takes a much different approach to her spa services and products, focusing on both internal and external health as well as mindfulness,...

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The Real Reason All-or-Nothing Mindset Around Food Feels So Hard

mindset nutrition Aug 01, 2018

We talk a lot about all-or-nothing mindset, and what it really comes down to the most is trust.

We don’t trust ourselves to make the right choice when it comes to food, and the cycle perpetuates because every time we make ourselves another promise (starting a new diet on Monday yet again, never eating sugar again, going on that crash...

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It’s a Priority Problem: How Are You Spending Your Energy?

First of all….did you know you can pick a time to have a chat with me, 1:1?  Yep, that’s right, you can book a 30 minute call with me!  I’ll bring my tea, you bring your beverage of choice (coffee, tea, kombucha, wine?!), and we’ll come up with some strategies to help you work through your biggest...

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Herbs, Adaptogens & Managing Stress with Lana Camiel

Today’s guest is an absolute wealth of information, with a wide-ranging resume and specializing in helping those with stress.  Hello, we can all use more of that!

Lana Camiel is a college professor, drug information pharmacist, herbalist and a podcaster. Her passion is to teach young professionals and students how to take good...

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Taming Your Inner Mean Girl: Building Connection and Tribe

Before we dive into today’s episode, the bi-monthly book club read in the Room to Grow Podcast Facebook Group for July/August is Lori Harder’s A Tribe Called Bliss, and in honour of the book I’m inviting amazing women to give talks each week exclusively in the Facebook group so that we can all learn, grow and...

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12 Pillars of Self Care with Brittany Lillegard of Wild Woman Strong

Self care is becoming a bit of a buzz word lately, and the first thing we tend to think of when we hear about it is massages and bubble baths.  Some of us don’t like baths, and both of those activities are costly in either time, money or both.  It’s not something that the average person has time for on a daily basis.

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Stop Working Out on Mondays

lifestyle mindset Jul 18, 2018


You may have heard the saying “never miss a Monday” tossed around the blogosphere and social media in some sort of an attempt to motivate you to drag yourself off the couch Monday morning and start the week off with a bang.  Normally this is used in the context of fitting in a workout, although it could also...

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5 Apps for Mental and Physical Health I Can’t Live Without

Apps, right?  Who needs ’em anyway?

I have to be totally honest, never did I think I would do a post about apps.  I’ve never been much of an app person and kind of scoffed when I would see people flipping past pages of them on their phones.

But, in the past year or two I’ve come around and now find myself depending...

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