I’ve always thought of myself as pretty unfiltered, and most who know me have confirmed that opinion to be true.

I’m direct to the point of unintentionally offending people who aren’t used to my level of honesty. I won’t bullshit you, falsely build your hopes up or blow smoke up your ass. If I don’t like you,...

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New Year, Same You: Reflection Over Resolutions (plus Journal Prompts)

Well, it’s here. A new year, a new decade, and much to reflect upon and think about. Anyone else getting busy with their planners right now?

I’m going to be blunt though (do I know any other way to do things? ), I’ve never been one for much of anything related to New Years. NYE seems like an overrated holiday, and many of...

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Healing Isn’t Pretty, But It’s Worth It


There’s nothing cute or pleasant or fun about it. And sometimes you stop to try and catch your breath and think, how did I get here?

But day after day, hour after hour, you continue to move forward. You push when you feel like quitting, knowing that there’s something better on the other side.

Like after a...

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Using Hurt as a Life Lesson for Growth and Resiliency

When someone does something to hurt you, thank them for the lessons and move on.

Fully stepping into this as a bit of a mantra was one of the biggest parts of being able to create closure within myself in the wake of ending my previous relationship.

People will come into your life for different reasons. They might be there to love you, to test...

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Masculinity: Looking for the Best in People & Why We Need to Change the Conversation About Men

infidelity mindset Sep 16, 2019

I have lots of reasons to dislike men.

A father who left when I was a teenager, with whom I subsequently severed our relationship entirely for various reasons (for more on small portions of that story I’m willing to discuss publicly, see #RoomToGrowPodcast episodes 24 and 93), got screwed around by males I was dating in my late teens and...

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STRONG AS F*CK: Strength is the Only Viable Option

mental health mindset Sep 13, 2019

My main goal is to continue to cultivate my entire being into the strongest version of myself. Mentally, emotionally, physically.

Life is going to throw curveballs, and it’s a direct result of those hits when you least expect them that make you stronger.

But you have a choice, too. You get to decide your own strength. You get to choose how...

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Are You Listening to Your Intuition?

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” -Rumi

This has been one of my favourite quotes for several years, and has spoken to me on an even deeper level after realizing how much I had been ignoring my intuition for years.#The9YearAffair

Our bodies are talking to us constantly, and we experience emotions DIRECTLY in the...

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The Healing Quality of Laughter

Every time I’m asked about the story of the infidelity that was uncovered in my previous relationship, I start to laugh.

It’s genuine laughter, too. The whole situation went down in such an utterly insane fashion that it’s actually comical to me at this point. It certainly wasn’t amusing in the least for a very long time,...

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Infidelity + Taking the High Road

I was told months ago by someone that that coming forward about infidelity in my relationship would make me look like a victim trying to elicit sympathy.

If you’ve been following the #RoomToGrowPodcast for any length of time, you know how strongly I feel about victim mindset (check out episode 24 in particular). So let’s chat for a...

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You Have to Ask for What You Want In Life


Have you ever sent a meal back at a restaurant?  Asked for a flight upgrade?  Switched hotel rooms because you wanted something specific?
Something about those kinds of situations can feel, well, stressful.  High maintenance, almost.  At least, to me.  Despite being fairly assertive, I’ve always shied...
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