Bonus Episode: Turning the Tables: Emily is Interviewed About The 9 Year Affair

Normally I don’t reshare episodes where I have been interviewed, but in Podcasting for ImpactI teach my students how to be better interviewers, and Kieran blew me away with his skills! He pulled more out of me about my personal story than anyone has ever managed to do, including super tangible, actionable steps you can hopefully...

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Insecurities, Redefining Masculinity & Overcoming Pornography Addiction with Kieran Hedley

Kieran Hedley is an Anxiety Coach, Meditation Guide and Waterfall Adventurer from New Zealand. He considers himself blessed to have been through his own darkness and fear, his own anxiety and hopelessness… to have come out the other side in a progressive way through the exposure to the median between the science and the spiritual.


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Travelling Full Time: What They Don’t Tell You & Behind the Scenes

Since moving to Bali last July and living here for the better part of the past 8 months, I’ve gotten a lot of questions around what it’s like to like out of a suitcase and how it all works.

Today I’m giving you an inside peek at the good, the bad and the ugly…because I can assure you, it’s not all coconuts and...

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When Things Go Wrong: Lessons From Crying in an Apple Store

I cried in an Apple store the other day.

2 weeks without use of my laptop that refused to turn on, more than a dozen hours logged on the phone with Apple across divisions on 3 different continents, multiple round trip flights between flying to Honolulu from a different Hawaiian Island and then again from Bali to Australia just to have the same...

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The 9 Year Affair: Lessons in Infidelity

I ended my 9 year relationship in December after finding out on Christmas Eve that my partner at the time had been unfaithful to me and involved with someone else on/off for our entire nine years together.

I spent months grieving the loss of trust, the partner I had built a life with for nearly a third of my lifetime, and the pieces of myself...

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Simple Shifts Towards Sustainability

We all know that we need to be doing more to protect the environment from further erosion and to do something, anything, to try and reverse the immense damage that has already been done.

Today I’m giving you some suggestions on things that you can build into your lifestyle to make changes and shift towards greater sustainability. Because...

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One Hundred Episodes of Growing

Thousands upon thousands of downloads.

Listened to in 55+ countries.

47 interviews with 43 different guests.

This crazy journey of the Room to Grow Podcast these past 100 episodes has been surreal to me at times, and I cannot WAIT to do hundreds more!

But today, for episode 100, I’ve got something extra special for you. We’re taking...

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Creating the Freedom to Live & Play Within Your Days, and Impacting Climate Change with Elana Jadallah of Elanaloo & Dérive Collective

Today’s episode is a VERY special listen, with an extraordinary guest discussing some incredibly important topics.  It also happens to be one of my favourite episodes to date, and I don’t say that about just any episode!

Meet Elana Jadallah.

Elana, or as some call her, Loo,  is an entrepreneur, photographer and educator...

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How to Keep Your Gut Happy While Travelling

Quickie episode today, because if you’re listening to this episode in real time, summer is in full swing and there are road trips, vacations, and poolside parties to enjoy 😉

Unfortunately, all of those things can be pretty tough on gut health, and digestion often slows when we’re travelling or eating/drinking things we...

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