The Long Way is the Shortest Way

We all want that quick fix, that one things that’s going to help us reach our goal that much faster. Whether it’s with our health, our relationships or our businesses, we just want THE THING that will make it all come together and quickly.

I’m at a business event in Los Angeles right now and this theme has come up a lot, because these days there are so many endless possibilities that it can be easy to get distracted from our goals, lose focus and jump to the next thing that might work.

Allowing ourselves the space to take the long road requires trust in ourselves and the process along with a whole lot of patience. Not only that, but it means continuing to take action, staying in your own lane, and remembering your bigger goals and motivations. Massive life changes don’t usually happen overnight. Sustainable growth takes TIME.

It’s not taking too long. It’s taking exactly as long as it needs to take.



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