Toxic Positivity & How Success Relates to Happiness with Melissa Pyne

I have to be honest here: the whole idea around “good vibes only” is bullshit.

There are all kinds of vibes, emotions and feelings, and all of them are perfectly acceptable.  All vibes are welcome here, because sometimes life is messy and overwhelming, and when we feel as though we should be only feeling the “good...

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You Have Choices: Building a Life You Donโ€™t Need to Escape

Find yourself constantly waiting for the weekend?  Planning your next vacation before one has even ended?  Stress every Sunday before the workweek starts up again?

Here’s my question to you: What are you trying to escape from?  

If you find yourself constantly trying to escape your day-to-day reality, something needs...

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Celebrating Women Supporting Women: Girls Run the World!

I’ve been reminded more than ever in the past few months the power of women supporting women.  There’s nothing else like it in this world.

In honour of International Women’s Day tomorrow, March 8th 2019, I put together this exceptionally special episode featuring 5 different women, from various places spread out across...

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Your Opinion Matters: How to Not Care What Others Think

We get ONE life.  Are you going to let the opinions of one or two people outweigh the many?  Are you going to look back on your life with regret that you lived it for what someone else believed was best for you?  

I spent years struggling under the weight of the opinions of others, making decisions based off of what I either...

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Somatic Therapy & How Trauma Shows Up in the Body with Ailey Jolie

After my own therapist started asking me to question where and how anxiety was showing up in my body physically, it occurred to me that I had never thought about the embodiment of emotion in the body that way before and became fascinated with the topic.

When I started doing more research into somatic therapy, I came across the brilliant...

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Genetics vs. Environment & the Impact of Choice with Orlena Kerek

Dr. Orlena Kerek trained as a paediatric doctor and is originally from the UK.  Now living in Spain with her family including her four children, Dr. Orlena previously wrote about picky eating and has since pivoted to a pivoted to a life, health and weight loss coach.

We covered a lot of ground in this episode, including:

  • Dr....
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Overwhelm & Information Overload is Our Responsibility

How to handle information overload.  It’s a question I’m asked about regularly.

There’s so much info out there floating around, and with unlimited access to books, podcasts, social media and let loose with a Google search bar, it can feel hard to know where to begin when it comes to making changes to your life.


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Recovering From an Eating Disorder & the Impact of Health on Your Relationship with Kym Herrmann

This was such an incredible conversation with a friend of mine, and I’m honoured to introduce her to you!

Kym Herrmann is a Certified Nutrition Consultant who believes that everyone can find freedom from food bondage and self-limiting beliefs. Using holistic nutrition and mindset, she helps people unlock their real potential by...

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5 Lies Holding You Back From the Life You Desperately Want

Do you ever feel like… this it?  

Or like you’re destined for more, you have so much potential that you aren’t fulfilling but aren’t sure how to get there?  

Maybe you’re just annoyed with yourself for looking around seeing what others are doing and wishing you could do the same for yourself.


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Exercise for Longevity: Itโ€™s Not About Fitting Into the Skinny Jeans with Rhonda Trollman

We all know that we need to move our bodies and get to the gym, but it’s often the motivation (or lack thereof) that gets in the way.  

I’ve always stood by the fact that if you’re going to improve your health, you have to have a deeper motivation than shedding a few pounds or fitting into those skinny jeans hanging out...

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