[BIZ TIPS] The Power of Storytelling & How to Share

‘Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s Survival Guide’ ~ Morgan Harper Nichols

Sharing stories is part of the human experience. We all have a story, we’ve all heard other people’s stories, & we’ve all shared our own stories about certain life...

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Bonus Episode: Turning the Tables: Emily is Interviewed About The 9 Year Affair

Normally I don’t reshare episodes where I have been interviewed, but in Podcasting for ImpactI teach my students how to be better interviewers, and Kieran blew me away with his skills! He pulled more out of me about my personal story than anyone has ever managed to do, including super tangible, actionable steps you can hopefully...

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Insecurities, Redefining Masculinity & Overcoming Pornography Addiction with Kieran Hedley

Kieran Hedley is an Anxiety Coach, Meditation Guide and Waterfall Adventurer from New Zealand. He considers himself blessed to have been through his own darkness and fear, his own anxiety and hopelessness… to have come out the other side in a progressive way through the exposure to the median between the science and the spiritual.


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The Uncomfortable Exploration of the Grey Area: Nothing is Black or White

We’re living in one of the most polarizing moments of human history.

Everyone has access to more information than ever, everyone has an opinion, and many of us are actually less likely to have our minds changed even when presented with new information on various topics than ever before.

Being dead-set in our beliefs without the...

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[BEST OF 2019] Highlighting the Best Podcast Episodes of 2019

I took a much needed break over the Holidays while I was back home in Canada. I was really craving some quiet family time, catching up with old friends, snowy forest walks, and catching up on some behind the scenes work. I succeeded in three of the four goals!


Instead of taking a complete break and leaving you hanging on episodes, I was...

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The Life-Altering Year of 32: Burning Bridges, Building Relationships & Facing Your Darkest Fears

We’re talking about 12 hard lessons learned over the past year, but first I wanted to let you know….


This is the project I’ve been working on for months, and it’s going to teach you how to not only bring your podcast to life, but to increase your visibility,...

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Communication, Betrayal, Infidelity & Self Esteem with Renelle Nelson

Today’s guest has valuable insights that we can all benefit from in our relationships, particularly if you’ve ever dealt with any type of infidelity, or even if you’re simply looking to make your relationship even healthier – even, and especially, if that means the relationship you have with yourself.

I’m thrilled...

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Healing Isn’t Pretty, But It’s Worth It


There’s nothing cute or pleasant or fun about it. And sometimes you stop to try and catch your breath and think, how did I get here?

But day after day, hour after hour, you continue to move forward. You push when you feel like quitting, knowing that there’s something better on the other side.

Like after a...

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Stepping Out of the Chaos of Your Life & Allowing Ease with Emma Rose Tait

After finding out that there had been a long-term affair going on with my partner and another woman for the 9 years he and I were together, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to help heal.

We can be good at helping other people change their mindsets, but not so great at it when it comes to ourselves especially after a...

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Masculinity: Looking for the Best in People & Why We Need to Change the Conversation About Men

infidelity mindset Sep 16, 2019

I have lots of reasons to dislike men.

A father who left when I was a teenager, with whom I subsequently severed our relationship entirely for various reasons (for more on small portions of that story I’m willing to discuss publicly, see #RoomToGrowPodcast episodes 24 and 93), got screwed around by males I was dating in my late teens and...

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