Insecurities, Redefining Masculinity & Overcoming Pornography Addiction with Kieran Hedley

Kieran Hedley is an Anxiety Coach, Meditation Guide and Waterfall Adventurer from New Zealand. He considers himself blessed to have been through his own darkness and fear, his own anxiety and hopelessness… to have come out the other side in a progressive way through the exposure to the median between the science and the spiritual.


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Working Through Collective Grief

What we’re dealing with right now on a global scale is a wide range of emotions that largely come down to….grief.

This is obviously complex on so many different levels, but ultimately we’re grieving in all kinds of different ways.

The grief of normalcy. The grief of our old routines and lives. The grief of being separated...

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Managing Fear, Uncertainty & Mental Health in Unprecedented Times (Coronavirus, Social Distancing & Isolation)

FIRST UP: I’ll be going live on Instagram & Facebook every single day at 8am ET until the global pandemic / quarantine / isolation is over, whenever that may be.

Each day will have a different theme, and overall the idea is to create more connection in a time we desperately need it more than ever as we are physically isolated. Please...

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What Does “Doing the Work” Even Mean?

This phrase floats around a lot in the personal growth / mindset / mental health world about “doing the work.”

But it’s an incredibly abstract concept, and I’ve found myself have moments of wondering what the hell it even means. What’s involved? What do I have to do? I’m prepared to “do the work”...

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It’s OK to be Angry: Breaking Down a Misunderstood Emotion

Here’s what I want you to know before we get into anything else: there are no ‘bad” or negative emotions. Any emotion that you can experience is normal, human, and completely OK.

Anger is one of those emotions we can tend to believe should be avoided at all costs, and that’s one of the myths that we’re going to get...

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[BEST OF 2019] Highlighting the Best Podcast Episodes of 2019

I took a much needed break over the Holidays while I was back home in Canada. I was really craving some quiet family time, catching up with old friends, snowy forest walks, and catching up on some behind the scenes work. I succeeded in three of the four goals!


Instead of taking a complete break and leaving you hanging on episodes, I was...

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Listening Without Judgement: We Can Do Better

Before we dive in to today’s episode….


If you’ve been on the fence about starting a podcast for months or even years and feeling unsure about how to get started, worried about everything from editing and cover artwork to what you would talk about or if anyone would even...

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The Life-Altering Year of 32: Burning Bridges, Building Relationships & Facing Your Darkest Fears

We’re talking about 12 hard lessons learned over the past year, but first I wanted to let you know….


This is the project I’ve been working on for months, and it’s going to teach you how to not only bring your podcast to life, but to increase your visibility,...

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Alone & Lonely Are Not Synonymous: Loneliness is a State of Mind

Let’s face it: most of us are feeling lonelier overall than we ever have before. But sometimes being alone and being lonely are often confused.

What we sometimes forget is that we can be very happy alone. But usually when we’re lonely, we want something to shift or change.

The sad irony in loneliness is that it makes us feel like...

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The Need for Closure is An Inside Job

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried to find closure at one point or another in your life. Whether it’s the ending of a relationship, being ghosted, losing a friendship unexpectedly or perhaps a job, we seek closure so that we can try to find ways to move on.

But it’s easier said than done.

Closure has come up a LOT...

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