Genetics vs. Environment & the Impact of Choice with Orlena Kerek

Dr. Orlena Kerek trained as a paediatric doctor and is originally from the UK.  Now living in Spain with her family including her four children, Dr. Orlena previously wrote about picky eating and has since pivoted to a pivoted to a life, health and weight loss coach.

We covered a lot of ground in this episode, including:

  • Dr. Orlena’s identity crisis when she first moved to Spain and was switching from her career as a doctor to full time mom, all while starting an online business
  • Sugar vs. fat and why old beliefs around consuming fats may be holding you back from your goals
  • Examining the difference between genetics and environment when it comes to our health, and the massive impact we can make on our own health through our lifestyle choices
  • Building awareness around emotional and mental health, and how that correlates with our physical well-being
  • Showing yourself some kindness

Dr. Orlena is a wealth of info and has a unique perspective to offer, and I’m always excited about opening up a nature vs. nurture debate.  Tune in to hear more!




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