Sex, Single Life & Social Distancing: Managing Trust Issues & Boundaries with Steph Connolly

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I never thought this would be a topic I’d have to cover, but we’re talking being single in the age of a global pandemic today, and all of the unique challenges that brings.

My dear friend Steph Connolly is the most amazing human. She’s empathetic, brilliant and wise, and she posted an IGTV video last week about some of the issues that have come up for her with all of this and it was so well done that I knew we needed to have a chat about it to share with you!

Steph is an ex specialist teacher and educational consultant, who decided to stop chasing the happiness dream and create her reality now. Currently working as an online business coach specialising in messaging, frameworks and offers – creating clarity and confidence to communicate effectively.

Steph’s natural warmth radiates throughout, and she’s so incredibly open with us on today’s episode. Her wicked sense of humour is on full display as she walks us through some real-life scenarios she’s been dealing with that we never could have dreamed would be a challenge compared to “normal” life.

We’re talking:

  • Relationships, loneliness & dating – when you can’t physically go near potential partners
  • Whole new levels of trust issues and trying to break down emotional walls under very unique circumstances
  • Getting creative about talking to people right now and why communication has NEVER been more crucial
  • Finding comfort in the unknown
  • Life as a digital nomad and offering a different perspective around some of the judgements that come with that

I’m pumped for you to meet Steph!

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Make a list of your boundaries, prettify them in Canva and save them to your phone.




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