What Does “Doing the Work” Even Mean?

This phrase floats around a lot in the personal growth / mindset / mental health world about “doing the work.”

But it’s an incredibly abstract concept, and I’ve found myself have moments of wondering what the hell it even means. What’s involved? What do I have to do? I’m prepared to “do the work” but someone tell me where to start!

It’s weird.

So I want to break this down a little bit more for you with everything I’ve learned about “doing the work” to move through issues, to grow and evolve, and to take yourself to the next level rather than holding yourself back and staying stuck. (and no, the answer is NOT always to journal and meditate. So don’t worry, that’s not going to be what I dump on you here)

It’s going to help you move past old hurts or wounds where we’ve unconsciously created thoughts or behaviours that may not be serving us.

The answers are within you. But sometimes you need to do some digging to uncover them.

What I want you to remember most:

  1. We will ALL always have work to do.
  2. There will always be more to learn, more to grow from
  3. This isn’t an end game or a destination to be reached permanently. It’s a journey.

Let’s do this – bring a notebook and get ready.



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