Aligning Values Over Goals

Since it’s the end of the year, the question of New Years resolutions inevitably comes up alongside a look back at the past year, what we’ve accomplished, and what we want to do and change for the year ahead.

This is usually when we make a long list of goals, have high hopes for ourselves, and trying to stick to a handful of new habits for as long as possible. Which, as we all know, often doesn’t work well to begin with.

I want to propose something different: what about choosing the values you want to show up with and designing your life based on those instead?

For example, rather than setting an arbitrary goal of a certain amount of income you want to hit in your business next year, what if you instead examined the values you want to be prevalent in your life and worked backwards from that instead?

Or instead of reaching for a relationship (platonic OR romantic) with a person who doesn’t *quite* line up with core values in our lives and end up disappointed.

The problem is that when we focus on goals and leave values out of the question, we end up in situations that are anxiety-inducing, uncomfortable, and totally out of alignment for us. We’ve all experienced that intuition hit, even though we might try to ignore it.


This episode is going to walk you through how to start getting super clear on what your values are, why they’re so important, and how you can design your life around them – while still getting what you want. Because it’s not always about goals, and sometimes we have to dig much deeper than that to get the important stuff that makes the biggest impact in our lives.



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