It’s OK to be Angry: Breaking Down a Misunderstood Emotion

Here’s what I want you to know before we get into anything else: there are no ‘bad” or negative emotions. Any emotion that you can experience is normal, human, and completely OK.

Anger is one of those emotions we can tend to believe should be avoided at all costs, and that’s one of the myths that we’re going to get into on this episode.

Something else to know is that anger is often masking other more deeply felt emotions such as fear, sadness, grief, embarrassment or disappointment. Often, that can be much harder to come to terms with depending on the root of those emotions.

We’re covering:

  • What to pay attention to when you can feel yourself getting angry and how to start feeling where anger shows up in your body
  • How to know when your anger is becoming unhealthy
  • Why anger is often shining a light on a part of ourselves that we need to address on a deeper level
  • Identifying common threads that come up when you experience anger, whether it’s people, environment or circumstances
  • How anger can help us better determine our boundaries
  • Anger can fuel and motivate positive change



Episode #117, The 9 Year Affair: Lessons in Infidelity

Episode #108, How to Set Boundaries: The Key to Healthy Relationships

The Anger Iceberg, by the Gottman Institute


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