Time & the Effect on the Quality of Our Relationships

When we hear that someone is dating or married, one of the first questions we usually ask is, “how long have you been together?”

I LOVED it when people would ask me that when I was in a relationship with my previous partner. I was validated by their reaction when I could tell them how many years we had been together. Although we now know that relationship turned out not to be quite as solid as I thought it was. #The9YearAffair

Ultimately, we tend to attach too much relevance to length of time as opposed to really getting clear about the health of a relationship and defining it based on qualities that often have very little to do with time.

“You can meet someone who has better intentions for you than someone you’ve known forever. Time means nothing, character does.”


We need to change the questions we ask others and ourselves around what qualifies as “success” when it comes to relationships. This applies to ALL relationships, whether it’s friendships, business partnerships or acquaintances.

Time isn’t what matters most. It’s love, connection, and a willingness to grow and have a LOT of uncomfortable conversations.

We can start with this uncomfortable conversation. Tune in and listen!




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