The Stories & Trauma We Hold Around Money with Selina Gray

I’ve been wanting to have someone on the podcast for many months to talk about money in a really deep way to dig up a lot of the stories we hold around our finances and how it can impact our relationships.

When I came Selina, I knew I’d found the right person. It took several more months for us to coordinate our schedules, but it was 100% worth the wait, I promise you!

Selina Gray is a CPA, CA & a financial empowerment coach with over 15 years of experience reinventing finance for individuals, women entrepreneurs & small businesses. As an accomplished controller for two internationally publicly traded companies, she led an international team of over 30 finance ninjas. Selina believes that money is an inside job, that richness begins within. She’s helped thousands of people transform their relationship with money by focusing on emotions, money mindset & practical money optimization skills.

Selina has completely transformed the financial realm through her practical, honest and values-driven approach. Selina will teach you everything you wish your momma had about money and show you how to stand in your CEO power in your life & your business.

“How we spend our money is a direct reflection of how we choose to love ourselves.”

-Selina Gray

Selina and I covered so much ground in this episode, and rarely have I had a guest on dropping this many knowledge bombs every few seconds. Just a small snippet of what this episode includes:

  • Breaking the whole concept of money as a taboo topic and this new idea of conscious wealth
  • How we tie our self worth to money
  • When money can become a source of control that others hold over us or, more likely, that we’ve allowed previous experiences to keep us stuck in old stories around money
  • Clashing money stories in relationships and how we end up repeating old events around money
  • Judgements we hold around money, and being afraid to even look at our finances

You must not miss this episode. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a stay at home parent, or a young person fresh out of college, this episode will change how you view money and yourself.




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