[BEST OF 2019] Highlighting the Best Podcast Episodes of 2019

I took a much needed break over the Holidays while I was back home in Canada. I was really craving some quiet family time, catching up with old friends, snowy forest walks, and catching up on some behind the scenes work. I succeeded in three of the four goals!


Instead of taking a complete break and leaving you hanging on episodes, I was excited to re-highlight my Best Podcast Episodes of 2019! These are episodes that did really well, got tons of positive feedback and/or were very popular in terms of download numbers. I hope you got a chance to catch up on these episodes! If not, I have linked them below for you to enjoy!


I have some changes coming to the podcast soon! Check out this episode to hear about what changes I am making and why. I discuss

  • managing your own energy in a really significant way
  • showing up in an honest and transparent way
  • Restoring the balance between free content and paid
  • What to do when you can feel yourself becoming resentful of your business, your clients, or some aspect of you biz and what that means you might need to do instead
  • How taking a step back and giving yourself some breathing room and space can MASSIVELY increase your creativity in the most beautiful, organic way


Here’s a list of the episodes re-posted for the “Best Of”

[BEST OF 2019]The 9 Year Affair: Lessons in Infidelity

[BEST OF 2019]Forgiveness Isn’t Found, It’s Earned: Doing the Inner Work

[BEST OF 2019]Is Podcasting Really the New Blogging?

[BEST OF 2019]How to Set Boundaries: The Key to Healthy Relationships

[BEST OF 2019]Cutting off the Breadcrumbs of Hope with Megan Bruneau

[BEST OF 2019] BIZ TIPS: How to Book, interview & Build a Relationship with Podcast Guests

[BEST OF 2019] The Dark Side of Social Media: Stalking, Protecting Your Privacy & Mental Health

[BEST OF 2019] Stepping Out of the Chaos of Your Life & Allowing Ease with Emma Tait

[BEST OF 2019] BIZ TIPS: How An Awkward Introvert Makes Friends Around the Globe


Additional episodes I want to make sure to highlight:

Practicing the Pause with Tory Eletto

Emotional Mastery with Omozua

Being Underestimated is an Advantage

The Weight of Expectations & Attaching to Outcomes

How to Have Greater Impact in the World

The Fear of Success is Real

Listening to Your Intuition & Gut Instinct

Vulnerability as a Commodity: Where’s the Line

Reiki & the Healing Power of Energy with Kim Schweitzer

Re-Purpose That Sh*t: Stop Being a Content Creation Machine

Shutting Down Imposter Syndrome That Keeps You Stuck

Somatic Therapy with Ailey Jolie

The Algorithm is Working FOR You: Social Media 101



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