The Life-Altering Year of 32: Burning Bridges, Building Relationships & Facing Your Darkest Fears

We’re talking about 12 hard lessons learned over the past year, but first I wanted to let you know….


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Tomorrow is my birthday, and that usually puts me in a reflective mood.

It got me thinking: some people would say I’ve had a *really* bad year.

And yet, I’m calling it a smashing success.

In the course of less than 1.5 years, I’ve managed to:

  • Quit my FT corporate job after more than a decade
  • Pivot my entire business focus (from holistic nutrition to podcasting & business coaching
  • End my long-term relationship of 9 years
  • Sell my house, car, and almost everything I owned
  • Left Canada to move to Bali, the farthest corner of the globe that I could go from my hometown (literally – I googled it), on a “working vacation”….and have ended up living here instead of leaving.
  • Made more new friends and incredible connections than I could even count
  • Put more muscle on my frame than I’ve ever had
  • Built greater emotional strength & resilience than I knew was possible
  • Gain whole new levels of confidence in myself and my ability to handle things when shit hits the fan
  • Laugh harder and more often than I have in years

I’ll be honest, I barely recognize the person I was a year ago, and in today’s episode I’m sharing 12 of the biggest lessons I’ve taken away from the past year.

This episode addresses everything from how unexpected and inconvenient grief and the healing process can be, how motivation and inspiration are wildly different, the fact that we are often the ones in our own way, best ways to force yourself to take action, and feeling untethered in life while simultaneously creating your own family.

I really felt this one on a deep level and I’m excited to share some of my biggest takeaways this year because I think there’s a lot that all of us can learn and apply in various ways in our own lives.

Here’s to 33! Because there’s only one thing I’m certain about: I’m just getting warmed up.



#117, The 9 Year Affair: Lessons in Infidelity

#120, Listening to Your Intuition & Gut Instinct: Stop Ignoring Your Body

#126, Forgiveness Isn’t Found, It’s Earned: Doing the Inner Work

#129, Liespotting: Detecting Deception for Everyday Life

#133, Stepping Out of the Chaos of Your Life & Allowing Ease with Emma Tait

#142, When Things go Wrong: Lessons From Crying in an Apple Store

#149, The Fear of Success is Real: Everything Has a Price

#93, Choosing Your Family & Establishing Healthy Boundaries

#139, The Transformative Power of Breathwork with Sara Silverstein

#144, [BIZ TIPS] How An Awkward Introvert Makes Friends Around the Globe

#124, Affair Aftermath & Holding Space for a Friend in Crisis with Christina Montalvo

#112, Navigating Entrepreneurship: What Doesn’t Get Shared Publicly with Christina Montalvo

#24, Victim Mindset with Christina Montalvo

#43, The Art of Maintaining Friendships with Christina Montalvo

#137, [BIZ TIPS] How to Book, Interview & Build a Relationship with Podcast Guests

#35, Empowerment, Grief & Letting Go of Expectations with Athena Concannon


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