Listening Without Judgement: We Can Do Better

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Despite how far we’ve all come when it comes to mental health, there can still be a lot of stigma attached to it and sometimes we can jump to our own conclusions without actually listening to what they have to say.

When someone tells you that they’re struggling, believe them.

Don’t undermine it, question it, minimize it, or feel like you know better than they do.

Don’t try to explain it to them, patronize them, or immediately launch into a situation you experienced that you feel was practically the same.

Everyone experiences life in different ways. Even when some of those experiences are shared and therefore seem very similar.

Take it seriously when someone tells you that they’re struggling. Don’t just hear what someone says. LISTEN to what they’re saying. Open yourself up enough to truly listen and offer them a safe space to open up. Invite them to tell you what they’re going through if they’re comfortable doing so, or simply be there for them.

It’s not up to us to pass judgement or decided how someone else should be feelings under a particular set of circumstances.

This is especially important heading into the holiday season, since it can be a very stressful time of year for many.

The only goal of this episode: have some compassion with others, and leave judgement at the door.
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