Healing Isn’t Pretty, But It’s Worth It


There’s nothing cute or pleasant or fun about it. And sometimes you stop to try and catch your breath and think, how did I get here?

But day after day, hour after hour, you continue to move forward. You push when you feel like quitting, knowing that there’s something better on the other side.

Like after a tough workout that involved a killer session on the assault bike & rower which both usually make you want to throw up. By the time you’re through it, you’re covered in sweat and dirt (yes that’s dirt on my stomach ) and a little worse for the wear, at least temporarily.

But DAMN are you proud of yourself. And you fucking should be. You walked through the fire to make it to the other side. And even though it’s going to take an endless number of these sessions and experiences for the rest of your life to continue to grow your strength, I can’t think of anything that would be worth more than that feeling of accomplishment from the pure grit and determination it took you to move through the process.

So go about your healing, knowing that while it might not always be pleasant, it will be worth more than you can ever imagine. And while there will always be more to do, it’s the journey that matters the most and what you learn along the way.


📸 @ruslan.lysakov


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