The Healing Quality of Laughter

Every time I’m asked about the story of the infidelity that was uncovered in my previous relationship, I start to laugh.

It’s genuine laughter, too. The whole situation went down in such an utterly insane fashion that it’s actually comical to me at this point. It certainly wasn’t amusing in the least for a very long time, and there are aspects of it that are of course still quite painful. But overall, I laugh because there’s a healing quality that laughter offers like nothing else in the world.

Laughter contradicts the darkness and heaviness of pain. Laughter is light, bright, and joyful. Laughter is what we all need a little more of to shake off the seriousness and enjoy ourselves more. Laughter is productive in the most beautiful way.

Life isn’t always going to be funny all the time. So when you *can* find the bright spots, make the best of them, find the joy in the situation and laugh.


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