Happiness Habits That Will Bring You Joy Every Single Day

lifestyle mindset nutrition Nov 01, 2018
You know that feeling, when you’ve let a lot of your usual habits fall by the wayside and start to feel totally discombobulated, anxious and out of sorts?
I could feel the anxiety building last week and it peaked this weekend, leaving me a bit of a nervous wreck.  But then I started to...
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When Willpower Gives Out, This is Why

mindset nutrition Aug 22, 2018

When do you feel like you have the most willpower?

Think about time of day, perhaps day of the week (or even time of the month!).

What are some of the things you notice when you start to dig into that a little more?

The last 2 weeks I was having a TON of cravings, and I was trying to figure out what was up. Some things I noticed:

  • My period...
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Rest for Success and How to Manage Metabolism with Jade Teta

Today’s guest is extra special to me, because he has (unbeknownst to him) had a massive impact on the direction of my life, personal interests and career up to this point.

I’m so honoured to have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Jade Teta, and for anyone who isn’t already familiar with his work, I strongly advise...

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The Real Reason All-or-Nothing Mindset Around Food Feels So Hard

mindset nutrition Aug 01, 2018

We talk a lot about all-or-nothing mindset, and what it really comes down to the most is trust.

We don’t trust ourselves to make the right choice when it comes to food, and the cycle perpetuates because every time we make ourselves another promise (starting a new diet on Monday yet again, never eating sugar again, going on that crash...

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Stop Working Out on Mondays

lifestyle mindset Jul 18, 2018


You may have heard the saying “never miss a Monday” tossed around the blogosphere and social media in some sort of an attempt to motivate you to drag yourself off the couch Monday morning and start the week off with a bang.  Normally this is used in the context of fitting in a workout, although it could also...

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Your Food, Your Business: Redefining How You Eat

lifestyle mindset nutrition Jul 02, 2018

Recently I was interviewed for an article where the journalist asked me if I would help people eat according to their moral code, or if I would try to steer them in a different direction.   This got me thinking about how attached we get to food and how it can do more harm than good.

There are a lot of different food...

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I Quit My Job.

business lifestyle mindset May 28, 2018

Today feels a little…weird.

This isn’t something I’ve talked about much, but I’ve had a full time job in a completely unrelated industry (automotive!) for the past 11 years.  I started there part-time as a student, and went full time after I finished university, and I’ve been there ever since. Until this past...

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5 Things You Don’t Want People to Know About You on Social Media

lifestyle mindset nutrition Apr 18, 2018
Just wanted to pop in with a little dose of encouragement this morning!
Honestly, social media has all kinds of positives, but it can bring out the dark side in us too.
It’s way too easy to get stuck in scrolling your newsfeed, comparing your life to everyone else and thinking that you aren’t enough.  That your...
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5 Reasons You’re Overeating at Night

lifestyle mindset nutrition Feb 15, 2018

Overeating at night is probably the #1 issue I hear about from clients and anyone asking me about their eating habits.

They can do well all day long, sticking with a very exact meal plan (which I don’t give out, by the way), and then it all falls apart right around bedtime and it can often feel like a mystery and complete failure of...

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You Won’t Be Seeing Any Holiday Gift Guides From Me. Here’s Why.

lifestyle mindset Dec 18, 2017

I did a Room To Grow Podcast episode about this too.  Check it out here

I’m not sure if I’m just paying more attention this year, but it seems like every where I turn, someone else is listing their holiday gift guide, and the minimalist in me cringes every time I see another one.

Don’t get me wrong, gift...

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