Using Hurt as a Life Lesson for Growth and Resiliency

When someone does something to hurt you, thank them for the lessons and move on.

Fully stepping into this as a bit of a mantra was one of the biggest parts of being able to create closure within myself in the wake of ending my previous relationship.

People will come into your life for different reasons. They might be there to love you, to test you, to push you in new ways, and some are going to hurt you along the way, just as we will all end up inevitably doing to others at times too.

They may be in our lives for a long period of time, or perhaps they’ll only stay long enough for a brief encounter.

No matter what, they all provide lessons. An opportunity for growth, resilience and strength to develop.

What if you flipped the script about how you view some of these people in your life? When something happens to hurt you or someone causes you pain, what if it’s actually happening FOR you?

This doesn’t mean that you bypass your pain. Feel it, work through it, grieve the loss that it may be hitting you with. And take one single step forward, one day at a time.

Because it’s more important to live in the present moment than to stay stuck in regret, anger or bitterness about a past situation that cannot be changed. You’re the only one who suffers when you stay stuck there, so instead why not use it as a catalyst for growth and development to become the best possible version of yourself?


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