[BIZ TIPS] COVID-19, Leadership & Your Online Business with Sarah Swain of The Great Canadian Woman

I’ve never pushed out an interview episode this fast before, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented action, and if you have an online business, there has never been a more important episode for you to listen to.

Today I’m bringing you my own business coach and a dear friend of mine, Sarah Swain.

Sarah is a former corporate hustler turned lifestyle entrepreneur obsessed with helping women earn money doing what they love. Writing books, hosting events, running two podcasts and coaching service based entrepreneurs are just some of what you can find Sarah doing during her day to day. Sarah is fuelled by her passion, a burning desire for others to believe what’s possible and have the courage to take action on it. Edgy, humorous & bold are some of the words that have been used to describe her as she embraces her authenticity to reach peoples hearts. When she isn’t hustling and trying to elevate the world of service- based entrepreneurship, you can find Sarah running off to the Canadian Rockies to refuel with her husband Rob.

This is the third time Sarah and I have done a podcast episode together, which is how you know how special she is since it’s rare for me to bring back repeat guests. But this was far too important, and Sarah has some crucial messaging that you need to hear as an online business owner.

Sarah is giving us some imperative insight into:

  • How the global pandemic with the coronavirus changes EVERYTHING, including the entire marketplace
  • Why things are so different now than they were even a week ago
  • Coming to our people from a deep place of service, compassion and heart
  • Why stepping up as a leader has never been so important.
  • The shame around selling when there are people hitting tough economic hardship
  • Addressing shifting priorities from a place of impact
  • Losing some of the bullshit around “there’s never been a better time to have an online business” that can come across as downright arrogant in times like this
  • Getting to know our people and our market all over again
  • And perhaps more important than anything else, making sure to manage your own energy and needs before anything else.


I cannot stress the important of this episode enough. Please tune in, share, and DM either Sarah or myself with any questions you might have that come up from this discussion.

Additionally, I’ll be going live on Instagram & Facebook every single day at 8am ET until this is over, whenever that may be.

Each day will have a different theme, and overall the idea is to create more connection in a time we desperately need it more than ever as we are physically isolated. Please join me – and I promise to make you laugh, too.



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