[BIZ TIPS] You Deserve to Be Paid, Not Have Your Brain Picked for Free

I recently saw yet another post in a Facebook group of someone asking for biz and legal advice and offering to take whoever was willing to help out for coffee or green juice.

Please stop this. It’s not a good way to business.

When you ask people to coffee to pick their brain without offering anything other than the $3 it will cost for their coffee, it’s not a particularly nice offer. It’s an insult to the value that person brings to the table.

When you make someone an offer like this, you’re asking to tap into the knowledge and expertise gained from life experiences, unimaginable amounts of time, energy and effort, not to mention the thousands upon thousands of dollars to purchase coaching, courses, certifications and further education. All that for the price of a coffee.

We could even argue that’s just bad karma, on top of being a bit of an insult, because you get what you give.

If you truly value what the other person brings to the table, ask yourself what you can can do to offer them value in return. Because you DESRVE to be paid for your work, energy and efforts. We all do.

There’s always a place for collaboration and getting a helping hand from someone who has more knowledge in a certain area than you do. I’m beyond grateful for the amazing people that have helped me more than I can even describe and supported me in incredible ways. All I want you to understand is that you want to make sure that you’re offering value of some kind in return.

Can’t wait to dive into this one with you. Please screenshot and share, or send it to someone who needs to hear it!



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