[BIZ TIPS] Coaching Call: Launching a Podcast with Chelsea Wallace

We’re shaking things up a little bit on the podcast today!

I put out the call on my Instagram stories last week accepting applications for a 24 hour period to have a free 45 minute coaching call with me about podcasting, on the condition that it be recorded and used as a podcast episode so that other people could benefit from hearing it. I got so many amazing applications that when I got it down to two finalists, I couldn’t choose between them. So there’s a second one of these coaching episodes coming down the line too!

Chelsea Wallace (the Launch Copy Coach) reached out to me with a couple really great questions that I know many people struggle with, and she was such a delight to chat with. Chelsea supports 6 and 7 figure coaches and consultants with crafting seamless, effective launch strategy and done-for-you copywriting. When clients work with her, they execute multi-5-figure launches, reaching more women and transforming more lives.

These sessions are 100% off-the-cuff and unplanned. I specifically asked Chelsea not to let me know about any questions she had in advance other than the overall gist of where she was at, because I wanted you to experience what coaching with me is like. It’s real, honest, direct, and I help you move through one of the biggest issues that ALL of us have: getting past the barriers we put up for ourselves when we get in our own way.

Chelsea and I get into:

  • What to do to avoid launching to crickets
  • How to design a podcast around various topic ideas and trying to figure out if you have anything interesting to say that people will want to listen to
  • The various ways to monetize and figuring out what the best fit is for the audience
  • How to grow and attract an audience while also making it engaging
  • Personal stories and gauging if you’re coming at it from a self-involved place vs. sharing with purpose

Something else I didn’t plan was calling Chelsea out and making her set a launch date for her podcast by the end of the episode! This is some major extra accountability that will keep her on her toes and push her out of her comfort zone (which is why we hire coaches in the first place!) and keep your eyes peeled for her podcast to launch by February 29th, 2020.

And if you haven’t heard the news, I’m going down to two new episodes each week (Tuesday’s & Thursday’s) down from three, you can catch all the details on why that is here.

However, all the content will remain the same! And if you’re not as into the biz episodes, not to worry. All the great content you’ve come to love and expect from the Room to Grow Podcast around mental health, relationships and life in general is still very much a focus. We’re just starting off January a little heavier on the business and podcasting side of things temporarily, and will be diving back into more of the other good stuff next week!





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