[BIZ TIPS] But What If I Run Out of Things to Say? 6 Tools to Keep Content Creation Flowing

“But what if I run out of things to say?”

It’s one of the most common questions I’m asked, particularly when it comes to even thinking about launching a podcast.

I get it, because it feels totally overwhelming. There’s so much to do, and even though you know you have a lot to say, there’s always that nagging concern that one day the ideas will simply….stop.

So let’s break this down into 6 ways you can start to figure out just how much you DO have to say, so that you can stop holding yourself back and get started.

  1. BRAIN DUMP. Set a timer and GO! You’ll be shocked at what you come up with. Even if every idea doesn’t fly, you’ll likely get at LEAST 10-15 great ones.
  2. Take note of any and all questions you get asked on a regular basis and put them into an ongoing Google doc. Keep adding questions that people ask you as they come in, and you’re going to end up with a WEALTH of potential topics and ideas.
  3. Skim-read titles or check out content from people/places/sources you don’t agree with. This is going to get you fired up and you can turn all of your own points of view into a podcast episode.
  4. Break down old pieces of content like social media posts, blogs or videos and re-purpose into a podcast episode.
  5. TRUST YOURSELF. Creativity begets more creativity. As you continue to create, more ideas are going to come to you. You’ll find yourself with ideas popping into your head as you drive to work, listen to someone else’s podcast (often on a completely unrelated topic!), go about your day, walk the dog….ideas will populate much more than you’re expecting them too. Keep your notes app handy and jot down a quick note every time something pops into your head.
  6. Allow yourself to consume content other than things directly related to your business.

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