When Things Go Wrong: Lessons From Crying in an Apple Store

I cried in an Apple store the other day.

2 weeks without use of my laptop that refused to turn on, more than a dozen hours logged on the phone with Apple across divisions on 3 different continents, multiple round trip flights between flying to Honolulu from a different Hawaiian Island and then again from Bali to Australia just to have the same repair completed, and an urgently growing and anxiety-inducing to-do list that I could do very little about until I could get my hands on a computer finally had me breaking down in a combination of frustration and exhausted jet-lag.

And I’m telling you this because I want you to understand that shit is always going to go wrong. But that doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out.

I always want to be transparent with you, and I have to tell you that travelling full time can come with serious, stressful downsides.

But it builds self trust pretty fucking fast. You learn quickly that you will figure it out when things inevitably go wrong. Because you HAVE to figure it out. And because you always make it happen.

Today we’re talking:

  • A peek behind the scenes of my life and business the last few weeks and some of the lessons encapsulated in an unexpected 2 week break from my computer
  • How consistency is earned
  • What to do when life punches you in the face and how you can make the best of it, at the same time as realizing that sometimes things just suck and it’s ok to not see the bright side. Or to cry in an Apple store.
  • When travelling & working is incredibly stressful and why it’s rarely glamorous
  • If you’re a biz owner, some things that you can put in place right now to make it easier on yourself if and when things go wrong to keep your business running a little more smoothly



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