Happiness Habits That Will Bring You Joy Every Single Day

lifestyle mindset nutrition Nov 01, 2018
You know that feeling, when you’ve let a lot of your usual habits fall by the wayside and start to feel totally discombobulated, anxious and out of sorts?
I could feel the anxiety building last week and it peaked this weekend, leaving me a bit of a nervous wreck.  But then I started to notice that I hadn’t been doing many of my usual habits that keep me grounded as of late, letting other tasks get in the way and not prioritizing the things that
So I checked in with myself and made a list of a handful of Happiness Habits that I was going to do starting Monday morning, and they worked like a charm.
Think of these Happiness Habits as checks and balances you’ve built into your life so that you can live your BEST life.
And here’s the thing: for the biggest impact, these need to become actual habits.  Not things you only do when you’re feeling low, but activities that bring you joy on a regular basis.
One example is working out and moving your body.  While you might not be super motivated to do it at the time, it’s one of those things that pays you back tenfold, and you always feel better for having done it, even if it’s just a gentle, slow walk.
I’ve listed some of my faves that can have a massive impact, feel free to Pin it or print it off and keep it handy for when you need it.
Tell me below in the comments: what are some of your favourite Happiness Habits?  Let’s keep building out the list!

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