Why Podcasts Fail: A Mini-Crash Course

business podcasting Jan 20, 2020

Buckle up your helmet, because I’m going to give you a mini-crash course in why podcasts fail.


1. Lack of focus / structure and no clear point made in the episode.

Nothing turns me off a podcast faster than tuning in and listening to the host(s) natter on about their personal lives and the weather for 15 minutes. Our time is not a renewable resource; treat it with care and figure out what you’re trying to say before you hit record.


2. Expecting massive results practically overnight.

When you go into podcasting with those kinds of expectations, you’re going to end up disappointed and lose interest in it fast. It’s a LONG game, but it’s so worth it.


3. Starting a podcast because “everyone else is doing it.”

Podcasting is an incredible tool and I absolutely believe in how powerful it can be, I’ve experienced the direct results for myself. However, it’s NOT the best platform for everyone. You need to get clear on whether a podcast is even going to be the right fit for you, and start one because it’s what YOU actually want and because you’re coming at it from a place of impact, not a mis-placed sense of obligation.


4. You know the podcasts that fail the most? The ones that never start at all.

The ones that remain as a pipe dream, an unrealized idea, or a sentence about “I should start a podcast” repeated over and over with no action ever taken to bring it to life.


If you don’t want to fit into any of these categories, you’re going to want to jump on the waitlist for Podcasting for Impact so you don’t miss out when the doors open!

By the way, this is Ruby on my head and my friends here seem to think I’m overly attached to her. A necessary addition when living the #scooterlife in Bali 😂


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