We Need to Talk About Your To-Do List

Have you ever found yourself beating yourself up for not getting done everything on your to-do list? And never actually finding the end of that list, but instead it continues to grow?

*raising my hand over here*

I’ve got a mindset shift I want you to try on for size. What about if you focused on what you DID get done in a day, rather than what was left on the to-do list without being completed?

A lot of times, we don’t give ourselves enough credit. On top of that, I don’t know about you, but anytime I try to fill every second on my calendar, I end up so overwhelmed that it makes me get far less done because I’m already stressed about the next task.

Don’t feel guilty for down time. You’re not a machine, and you need blank space sometimes to simply breathe.

If nothing else, understand this simple fact: down time does NOT make you lazy, unaccomplished or unproductive.

This episode is not only going to shift how you think about your to-do list, it’s a discussion about the way you manage your energy and create more space:

  1. Create over consume
  2. Phone of airplane mode for first portion of day
  3. Limit transitions in your day and the ones you do have? Allow for them and accept them, find ways to even appreciate them.
  4. Focus on big 3. If you can’t narrow down list to 3, you need to narrow it down to ONE. (Kind of like if you don’t have time to meditate for 5 minutes, you need to meditate for 20)
  5. Build in breaks.

Ready to shift how you think about that overwhelming to-do list of yours? Let’s do this.



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