We Are Not Our Social Media Handles with Hafsa Rana of Happily Hafsa

I have the most beautiful human to introduce to you today, and I get a huge smile on my face every time I even think of her.

Hafsa Rana and I met in LA at a business conference a few months ago, and I absolutely fell in love with the joy and positivity she radiates everywhere she goes.

Hafsa is writer, content creation strategist and runs a membership to support and empower moms looking to create more time and have more joy in their lives. She helps moms be happy, love themselves and helps them build a virtual village to support them through the motherhood journey.

So many women feel like they lose their identity as an individual when they become moms and she wants to help those women find their way back to themselves, regain their sense of self and pursue projects that bring them joy and regain a sense of self.

She’s a mom of two incredible little boys and she and her husband have finally settled in the suburbs of Chicago after having moved across 2 continents, 3 countries, and multiple states.

Plus, she’s also from Canada, which obviously bonded us even more!

Hafsa and I have had multiple conversations behind the scenes how to show up online, especially since both of us have had big announcements this year that we each kept secret for months before choosing to release it publicly. We cover:

  • Being protective of our personal lives and recognizing that doesn’t mean having to bare everything
  • The enormous responsibility of showing up authentically
  • How/why/when to keep big news behind closed doors
  • Living beyond the expectations of your community & the making it clear that we are not our social media handles. We’re complex human beings that are made up of so much more than what shows up on Instagram.
  • Being honest and true to your values and boundaries, and not over-sharing in search of validation
  • We even get into a discussion around privilege and Hafsa generously opened up to us to give us just a tiny sliver of some of the types of comments and judgements that she deals with in the online space

I can’t wait for you to check this one out and to connect with Hafsa!



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