The Underrated Power of Stillness: Leaving Space for Miracles in a Noisy World

Stillness makes us uneasy, especially in this world we live in where productivity and being busy is considered positive and useful, a badge of honour we all seem to strive for.

The problem is that when we’re constantly in motion, it doesn’t allow the space to allow other things to come in.

Not only that, but when we feel overwhelmed, anxious, out of alignment, stressed confused, have difficulty making decisions or sticking to habits, we probably need to use our superpower of stillness to tune in with what’s really going on for us.

When we refuse to be still and allow ourselves to go inward and listen, it usually means we’re running from something or trying to numb.

I’m also sharing with you something completely different I recently tried in an effort to get still, and the results were so surprising. Plus, there’s a brand new challenge related to stillness in the Room to Grow Podcast Facebook group this week, and I can’t wait to hear all about your results!



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There’s a NEW weekly challenge in the Room to Grow Podcast Facebook group every single Monday. Something small but meaningful, and things that can give you huge rewards for minimum effort and output.

This week’s challenge is to spend a couple minutes every day writing down five things you’re grateful for, plus one BIG dream you have have, so big that you barely even let yourself think about it – and write it in the past tense, as though it’s already happened.

Join us in the group to check out the challenge and get some accountability, plus there are all kinds of new challenges coming up!



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