The Number One Form of Self Care (And It Takes No Time or Money)

lifestyle mindset Nov 13, 2017

Self care.  What does it even mean?

We hear about self care as though it’s some magical destination that you reach.  When you have that lifestyle that allows for it, such as a nanny, a housekeeper, and an overflowing bank account.

What we don’t hear much about it that self care is something we create for ourselves and prioritize, and it can come from the smallest acts that require no extra time or money whatsoever.  Yes, it’s possible, and no, it doesn’t need to involve a trip to the spa.

Here’s the thing: self care is a state of mind.  

It’s a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, our sense of self worth and giving ourselves the same care and attention that we can or want to offer to others.   And skipping self care?  That usually ends up leading not only to burnout, weight gain and potential hormonal issues, but a great deal of unhappiness, stress and overwhelm.

The first thing that has always popped into my head when thinking about self care is getting your hair and nails done at the salon, a massage, or dream vacation to a fabulous location.  All of these things can certainly fall under the category of self care, and I’m the first person to find any way possible to jump on a flight to an exotic destination.  But what about all of the small things that can add up to BIG results?

Most of us live in a highly stressed world.  Always busy, on the go and finding excuses to let self care slip to one side, a luxury of time, effort and money that we are unable to afford.

The problem is that too much stress is hard on our bodies physically and drains our mental and emotional energy.  It keeps cortisol levels excessively high which can contribute to weight gain or difficulty losing weight, hormonal issues including major PMS or irregular periods, and have us short tempered and snapping at loved ones.

At the same time, the thought of making time for a decadent form of self care like a massage can feel overwhelming all by itself.  However, I have good news.  There are even better ways to perform self care every single day.

One of the greatest gifts of self care is lifting someone else up at the same time. It’s almost selfish, because we are granted so many benefits at the same time as the person on the receiving end, but it can create a sense of joy from within that radiates to others.

My favourite unconventional forms of self-care are doing things for another person.  Pay a stranger a genuine compliment, help a loved one with a simple task, or offer a kind word.

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

– Booker T. Washington


You have no idea what a difference even the smallest gesture can make in someone else’s world.  At the same time, it’s self care for you too and will have you positively glowing from the inside out.

Some other examples of self care that don’t involve extra time or money:

  • Deep breathing
  • Eating a healthy meal
  • Going for a walk
  • Reducing screen time in favour of activities you truly enjoy with people you love
  • Playing your favourite song and having a quick dance party (average song length is 3.5 minutes)
  • Playing a board game with loved ones
  • Listening to a favourite podcast
  • Working out – even if it’s 60 seconds of jumping jacks
  • Phone a friend to catch up while you’re driving or stuck in traffic (on Bluetooth – keep it safe)

I’m challenging you to perform 2 acts of self care every single day for the next 5 days.  Pay close attention to how it makes you feel, and the small difference you will begin to notice throughout your day.

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