The Importance of Chilling the F**k Out with Rebecca Brown

Did the title catch your attention?

Good, because my guest Rebecca is speaking truth on this episode (and “chill the f*ck out” is a direct quote from her, by the way!)

Rebecca Brown is the owner of Pure Forme Training. She’s an in-home and online holistic fitness and lifestyle coach. Her mission is to help women be tuned into their bodies, honor their energy, and (most importantly) chill out. She’s a firm believer in taking an holistic approach towards fitness. Why? Because we must address lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, nutrition, and mindset (Are you happy? How do you feel about your body? etc.) as these things will have a far greater impact on getting the results you want more than any amount of squats or push ups will.

Rebecca is talking to us about the importance of tuning in to our bodies, how to find ways to relax for maximum mental and physical benefits, and self care that goes way beyond manicures and massages.

Some other areas covered:

  • Why personal development as a form of self care that can’t be duplicated
  • How body image and the way you feel about yourself impacts your results in the gym
  • Specific tools you can use to learn to tune-in to your body
  • Making the most of our menstrual cycle when it comes to workouts
  • Re-thinking exercise from the ground up

Can’t wait for you to listen and learn from Rebecca!  I love her message and you’ll see why after this episode 😉




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Stop waiting for someone to give you permission, or for the “right time,” whatever that looks like.  There’s no better time than right now, and that way you have new habits you can practice over the holidays and start the new year feeling better than ever, rather than bloated and guilty.

You deserve this.  You deserve to stop giving up on yourself.

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