Parenting with Anxiety & Removing the Stigma Around Mental Health with Nicole Dalcourt

My dear friend Nicole is opening up on the podcast today, and generously and openly sharing her life-long struggle with anxiety.

Nicole Dalcourt, author of the soon to be released memoir, The Things I Couldn’t Say, is making it her mission to free women from shame through open and compassionate dialogue, and this episode is no exception!

She’s talking to us about the empowering ways to parent with anxiety, how to help your children deal with their own anxiety, and managing both in a healthy way.

We also get into breaking the fear loop that anxiety can keep us stuck in, making powerful choices to own your own stories, and ending the lingering stigma around mental health, along with how she dealt with the psychological impacts of a formal mental health diagnosis.

This is such a powerful episode whether or not you’re a parent, because so much of what Nicole discusses with us around anxiety can be applied to your own life no matter your age!

Nicole’s book will be released late 2019 – early 2020, and her podcast is coming out in July, just one short month away!

Be sure to follow Nicole below so you don’t miss a single detail, because this woman is on FIRE and has an incredible message that will change the world.




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