Living an Energetically Balanced Life with Alea Lovely of the Spiritual Sh*t Podcast

FIRST UP: I’ll be going live on Instagram & Facebook every single day at 8am ET until the global pandemic / quarantine / isolation is over, whenever that may be.

Each day has a different theme, and overall the idea is to create more connection in a time we desperately need it more than ever as we are physically isolated. Please join me – and so far we’ve been managing to have some laughs, and the lives are getting spicier by the day!

We’re covering everything from online business, podcasting and entrepreneurship to mental health and figuring out how to manage life in these uncertain times. See you at 8am ET!


Alea Lovely is a energy coach, medium and card reader that hosts the up and coming podcast “Spiritual Shit: Your guide to the down and dirty of modern spirituality.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Alea at a birthday dinner in Bali for a mutual friend and was immediately drawn to her energy and bright personality. She described herself as an energy worker (which is a relatively common phrase in Bali) and because I sensed she was someone I wanted to connect with, I immediately booked a session with her. It wasn’t until after I booked it that I realized she was also a medium, and got a little nervous, ha!

Not my usual type of activity and with no idea what to expect, I was fairly nervous heading into my session with her. And yet Alea made me feel completely comfortable and I left our session feeling so much lighter, empowered, and fully supported. My entire experience was incredibly moving and Alea held space for me such an amazing way that I’ve been referring people to her ever since!

This interview is going to give you some insight on:

  • What a session with Alea is like, and some of the things that she covered with me in my own session, how it helped me move through some major mental blocks and some of the mind blowing aspects of the whole situation
  • Fear, overwhelm, managing your consumption on information, especially during this difficult time.
  • Navigating the minefield of judgement from others.
  • Loving yourself through the fear
  • Taking on everyone else’s stuff as an empath or anyone sensitive to the energy of others
  • Being observant of how you’re feeling and introspective in this time of quiet
  • The fact that everyone can be intuitive


This was SUCH a fun episode to record and I can’t wait for you to meet Alea!




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