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Podcast for Impact Roadmap
Learn the 3 big secrets no one talks about when it comes to building and growing a successful podcast that makes a difference.


Let’s get into today’s episode: all about IMPACT.

First of all, everyone is going to have a different definition and idea of what having an impact looks like. But what I want to underscore most with this episode is that having an impact isn’t something reserved for those with massive audiences or a huge business that they’re looking to scale.

Impact can come from something as simple as smiling at someone. From making somebody feel less alone, teaching a friend a new skill, from a teacher believing in a student when they’re having trouble believing in themselves.

The smallest actions can change lives, and you have the ability to inflict change.

To make a difference to one single person out there, to change the world on a more global level, to do whatever you put your mind to. You are far more wildly capable than you give yourself credit for, and never underestimate your own abilities.

Today we’re talking about:

  • Examples of having an impact in your everyday life
  • Fully grasping how the smallest actions can mean the most to someone, and how even things like carefully choosing where to spend your time, energy and money can create shifts
  • Connection = impact
  • Some ideas around how to have an impact on a more global scale and what you can do to get there
  • Everyone is a teacher and has some sort of skill that someone else would love to learn
  • Why I disagree with the idea that we all have a responsibility to share our stories
  • The differences between being uncomfortable and discomfort, and why that has everything to do with impact



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