How to Boost Your Confidence (Public Speaking, Overcoming Obstacles & Bullying)

After recently posting a poll in the Room to Grow Podcast Facebook group about what topics people wanted to see more of on the podcast, confidence was one of the issues that came up again and again.

I get it. We ALL have things that we don’t feel confident about, and it’s one of the biggest factors we singlehandedly allow to hold us back.

Lately I’ve been on the phone with a lot of women looking to launch their own podcasts, and the biggest barrier that I hear regularly is lack of confidence.

Whether it’s about podcasting or some other big goal you have, many women are holding themselves back and keeping those dreams on the back-burner because they don’t feel qualified, they’re unsure of themselves, worried about judgement from others, and afraid that they won’t be any good at something.

I’ve got news for you: everyone was a beginner sometime.

Every single person I know (including me!!!!) has felt lack of confidence come creeping in, and today we’re addressing that head on.

When I thought about doing this episode, one of the examples that came to mind for me was public speaking. How I used to struggle with it and be drenched in sweat every time I would have to stand up in front of groups of people or those dreaded moments when you had to introduce yourself to a crowded classroom. I’m sharing a story close to my heart about past experiences with public speaking, the effects of bullying, and how I managed to drastically shift my fears into confidence.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one, and I would LOVE it if you would pop over to Instagram and share the episode, or DM me and let me know what that one big thing is that you’re struggling with right now and working on building up your confidence!



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