Happiness Hack: The Power of Digital Detoxing

There’s ONE thing that I find brings me more joy in life on a regular basis: digital detoxing.  

Every time I choose to step away from my phone for a period of time, *especially* from social media, I’m infinitely happier, less anxious, and suddenly find all of this magical time out of nowhere to do all of the things I normally tell myself I don’t have time for.  Say what?!

In all seriousness though, we often treat our phones as an extension of our own bodies.  Thos random days you leave the phone at home by mistake, it feels like a little piece of you has been broken off until you can be reunited.  Scary, isn’t it?

A couple months ago I turned my phone off entirely for 48 full hours and it.was.glorious.

Since then, I’ve also been making it a habit to keep my phone on airplane mode every day until I’m finished my morning routine, longer if I can manage it.

Here are some of the issues with too much screen time, especially on social media:

  • The comparison trap. It’s a dangerous game to play, and social media is the prime playground for it.
  • Too much time spent scrolling the ‘gram can reduce your creativity and confidence.  Particularly as an entrepreneur, it can make you feel like everything has already been said and leave you feeling like you’re never going to “catch up.”
  • We use it to hide behind in the form of excuses that we don ‘t have enough time in the day to do the things we would like to do,  yet spent mindless hours on our phones.  See the issue?
  • Sometimes we even hide behind our screens when we’re actually hanging with loved ones, reducing our opportunities for real, true, in-person connections

In this episode I let you in on the full list of benefits I personally experience whenever I do a “digital detox” and how you can start without going to the extreme of 48 hours with no phone at all, like I did. And, I’ve got something special for you below!


CHALLENGE: Starting today, there will be a weekly challenge in the Room to Grow Podcast Facebook group  every single Monday.  Something small but meaningful, and things that can give you huge rewards for minimum effort and output.

This week’s challenge is to keep your phone on airplane mode for the first hour of every day.  If you have the willpower, you can simply leave it in another room or choose to ignore it, but I find airplane mode is best because it reduces a lot of the temptation.

No one said it was going to be easy, but the payoff is so worth it.  Not only that, it will make you more aware of the habits you have around your phone, allow you to set the tone of your own day rather than having it dictated by others, and help you ease into your morning with a little less stress.

Join us in the group to check out the challenge and get some accountability, plus there are all kinds of new challenges coming up!



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Plus, starting TODAY, there will be a weekly mini-challenge posted in the Facebook group every Monday!  The challenge will be something different every week and will involve things like getting to bed a half hour earlier, cleaning out a closet, pushing past a fear, and all kinds of other things that will make your life infinitely better over time.   See you in the group!

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