[BIZ TIPS] The One Secret to Massively Accelerate Your Business & Podcast Growth


If you’ve been on the fence about starting a podcast for months or even years and feeling unsure about how to get started, worried about everything from editing and cover artwork to what you would talk about or if anyone would even listen, this course is for you.

Learn how to start the kind of podcast that gets people talking. Because your voice can have a massive impact beyond anything you can imagine.

All the details here!

Want to know the big secret behind the people you see growing their businesses, expanding their reach and accelerating their growth?

It’s collaboration.

When you open yourself up and put in the effort to join with others, everyone wins. It’s why things like masterminds have become so popular, and in an age when we’re feeling rather disconnected, that collaboration goes a long way on a personal level too.

This episode is exploring the various ways you can collaborate with others including examples of how I’ve done that in my own business, specific things you can do to create more connections and build relationships that can lead to collaborations, and what not to do when it comes to reaching out.

Tune in for all the details!



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Episode #124, Affair Aftermath & Holding Space for a Friend in Crisis with Christina Montalvo


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