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If you’ve been on the fence about starting a podcast for months or even years and feeling unsure about how to get started, worried about everything from editing and cover artwork to what you would talk about or if anyone would even listen, this course is for you.

I’ve combined all of my knowledge from two separate podcast launches and more than 200+ episodes aired to walk you through every step of the way, including going above and beyond what most courses cover.

We aren’t just going into the technical stuff. We’re digging into what’s holding you back the most, the fears that come with levelling up and getting to that next level and placing yourself in front of new eyes, reaching the people who need to hear what you have to say the most, and having the kind of impact you want to have in the world. Because I know that you didn’t get into this business simply to hear the sound of your own voice, am I right?

Plus, you even have the option for 1:1 coaching with me to go alongside the course so that we can really dig into what would work best for you and your business, help you get in front of more eyes, and build your business around your podcast to increase your revenue and reach.

Learn how to start the kind of podcast that gets people talking. Because your voice can have a massive impact beyond anything you can imagine.

All the details here!


How to monetize your podcast is one of the questions I’m asked most often, and the next thing I’m usually asked about is how to get things like sponsors or to book advertisements.

My response is probably going to surprise you, because I actually encourage you to move completely away from sponsorships and ads when possible, and not to depend on them or spend all of your time trying to book them.

Instead, I would rather see you build your business in a way that is sustainable and so that it will only continue to grow over the longer term, and I’m giving you strategies today that will walk you through the various ways you can do that.

I’m encouraging you to take a hard look at not only the business you want, but the lifestyle you want as well. Figure out what that looks like, and then work backwards to see which ways of monetizing your podcast will serve those goals most efficiently.

Not only that, but the people who tune in to your podcast want to learn from you, and you do them a disservice if you leave them hanging at the end of a podcast episode when you could be offering them a way of working with you to go deeper, to solve a problem that they’re having and they’re looking to you for help with. Because the transformation is in the transaction, as one of my coaches James Wedmore often says, and people sit up, pay attention, and do the work far more often when there’s money on the line.

Plus, there’s simply only so much you can cover in a podcast episode, and when you show up with value week after week, people are going to begin to wonder: if you put THAT much effort and value into your free content, imagine how much you offer behind the pay wall?!

Monetizing isn’t as difficult as you think, and you can use it to your advantage to grow your biz at the same time. Let’s dive in!




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