[BIZ TIPS] It’s a Hell Yes or a F*ck No: Be Polarizing in Your Marketing

Being polarizing has a way of making people sit up and take notice. It makes people say HELL YES or FUCK NO.

And why do we want more no’s in the world of online business?

Because that’s going to make you more available for the yeses that are coming your way when you leave space for them.

It’s going to open you up and preserve your energy for the people you WANT to come into your life & business, and the people that are open and willing to learn from you the most, your ideal clients.

It’s also going to thicken your skin very quickly, which is extremely necessary in the online space.

Being polarizing captures the attention of the people who NEED to hear what you have to say. Being “vanilla” is the downfall of online marketing. If you’re vanilla, no one will ever notice you in the online space where all kinds of people are constantly vying for attention.

If you’re trying to be for everyone, you’re for no one. It’s a noisy world online and no one will ever notice you or hear what you have to say.

So take a stand. Draw your boundaries. Have an opinion.

It might feel a little scary at first, but after awhile you start to notice how damn GOOD it feels to stand in your truth.

Tune in for how to make this work for you!


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