3 Nutrition Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Reaching Your Goals

nutrition May 07, 2017

Mistake #1: Eating the same foods and expecting different results

We are creatures of habit and routine.  I totally get it, because when I find a meal I love I will make it over and over again until I’m sick of it before I want to switch it up.

The problem with this is that our bodies may get sick of a particular meal before our brains do, and there can be some disconnect between the two.

If we’re consuming the same foods over and over again out of habit, we might be forgetting to pay attention to what our bodies are trying to tell us.  Yes, we might love a particular food, but after a while, is it still making you feel as awesome and energized as it always did?  Is it still satisfying or are you eating it because you feel like you “should” since you keep hearing how good it is for you?  Or, is it actually starting to upset your digestion?

Our bodies contain hundreds upon hundreds of enzymes, each one used to break down a specific type of food.  When we consume the same food repeatedly over long stretches of time, it has the potential to deplete our body of that particular enzyme and over time, we might have a more difficult time digesting that food.  This varies by individual of course, but it’s one of the ways that we can stop seeing the results we want.

Solution: Rotate foods and eat seasonally

We hear a lot about eating seasonally, and basically it is exactly as it sounds.  Eating the types of foods that are in their growing season makes the most sense, on multiple levels.  Eating seasonally usually means that the foods will be their freshest and therefore most nutrient dense, and there is a better chance of being able to pick up foods locally rather than having them shipped in.

Additionally, eating according to the season often allows our bodies to respond the best to the current weather and how it affects us.  We crave more warming foods in the winter to stay warm with the colder temperatures, and foods like soup, stews, curries and roasted veggies are great options.  In the summer when it’s hot, we don’t want to be stuck inside cooking over a hot stove, and depending on where you live, there is usually an abundant supply of fresh, delicious goodness on hand.  We’re often drawn to more cooling foods in the summer, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, salads and lighter options.

Eating seasonally is nature’s way of having us rotate foods naturally without making huge shifts in the way we eat.  By looking for what is in season you can help keep your body replenished.

Mistake #2: Having difficulty maintaining consistently healthy eating habits

I talk to women all the time that tell me consistency is the number one issue they have when it comes to eating healthy.  They tell me that they know what to do, but have difficulty implementing it.

This is so common, isn’t it?  We start the week on Monday morning with such great intentions to eat a “perfect” (whatever that means) diet.  Usually we tend to think of this as foods that end up tasting pretty boring and bland awfully quickly.  Think dry salad, or plain steamed veggies and dry chicken breasts.  We end up feeling so deprived after a couple of days that by Thursday or Friday we have no willpower left and overindulge in treats instead.  Or, we might be invited out to a restaurant and completely fall off of the plan we had come up with in our heads.  At that point, there doesn’t seem to be much point in trying for the rest of the week, so we’ll give up and eat whatever we want until next week when we begin the cycle all over again.

Not only does this create an incredibly unhealthy relationship with food to view it as good versus bad, but it often makes us feel so guilty and disgusted with ourselves.  We wonder why we aren’t able to simply be stronger with our willpower and eat the bland foods we meant to and stick with the diet we set out for ourselves that will solve all of our issues.

Solution: #IntentionalEdible, Nutritiously Consistent Checklist

This is why I came up with the free Nutritiously Consistent Checklist.  It’s a full framework that teaches you how to handle eating out in social situations or at restaurants where healthy eating is most likely to fall off track.  This is also where what I refer to as an #IntentionalEdible comes in.  An #intentionalEdible is a small indulgence eaten daily to take the edge off so that we don’t feel so deprived and therefore much less likely to overindulge.

This actually helps to create consistency, because consistency is not about perfection.  It’s about making better choices the majority of the time, and if a small #IntentionalEdible regularly prevents you from scarfing down a box of chocolate bars, then it’s a huge win.  This more moderate approach takes some more time and practice than a quick fix, but we’re all going to be eating for life, so we might as well find a way to enjoy it and still maintain consistency at the same time.

Mistake #3: Poor Digestion

How do you know if you have poor digestion?  Bloating can be one of the most obvious signs, as well as gassy or uncomfortable after meals, weight gain, low energy, and how you are pooping can all be clear signs that digestion is off.  Additionally, all kinds of health issues can further indicate an issue in the gut.  Some examples include asthma, migraine headaches, eczema and other skin conditions, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, mood swings and a whole host of mental health issues.

It can be pretty tough to know where to start when it comes to improving our digestion and what kinds of changes can have the biggest impact,  Additionally, it’s overwhelming when there are so many factors that play a role in digestion and how to know where to begin.  Since we are all so unique and have such different needs, it’s not as though a single nutrition plan or diet will work for each and every one of us.  Working on repairing digestive issues is a very personal process that can take a lot of tweaking and troubleshooting to determine what will be the best fit when it comes to how we eat.

Read more about your digestion here and here.

Solution: Work with a professional

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