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We can love people and still disagree with them.

Learn how to develop the capacity to hold two truths at once (because sometimes, maybe you're both right.)

Transform your relationships with 2 superpowers.

Tools to bravely handle uncomfortable conversations while establishing necessary boundaries with ease.

Skills you haven't learned elsewhere & how to practice compassion with yourself and others while navigating the in-betweens.

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  • Communication, Conflict & Hard Conversations
  • People Pleasing & Self-Betrayal
  • Learning to Let Go
  • Navigating Life Transitions
  • Re-thinking Boundaries
  • Relationship Renewal

Emily presented on personal and professional relationship building for a group I facilitate...

...and LONG after the workshop, group members would bring up in conversation how Emily opened their minds and hearts to the many ways they can deepen and improve the relationships in their lives. Members have told me about conversations they've had with their partners and family members as a result of the session they attended with Emily. Her valuable and generous presentation offered such a beautiful and playful perspective on what makes a relationship meaningful, authentic and, ultimately, deeply connected.

-Jessica Bommarito, owner of Groundswell Coworking

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