A Masterclass:

The Capacity for Compassion

Learn how to see the world through a lens of compassion that will reinvent your relationships and have an exponential ripple effect.


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We can love people and still disagree with them.

We're living in a time of division, cancel culture and polarization like never before.

Values have shifted. Opinions have turned into judgements. The foundational structure of relationships have been shaken and fractures have occurred.

And yet, this isn't the way it has to be.

The critical missing component is compassion.

We can respect others & recognize we have different values.

We can hold the duality of allowing someone to have an opinion that differs from our own.

We can get curious about why someone else is having a very different experience in the world than we are, and understand the pain others hold is often at the root of how they move through life.

We can explore the roots of our own pain so we can become more open, empathetic and generous with our compassion, a practice that has to begin from within to radiate outward.

It starts with us & with the decision to do things differently, and it’s never been so important.

We are wired for connection, compassion, community, love.

And...compassion starts from within.

The harder it is for you to accept your own humanity and show yourself compassion, the harder it will be for you to be able to accept the humanness of others and show them the kind of compassion you wish you had received in hard moments.

Can you hold the opinion of another without writing them off as a human?

Can you disagree with someone and allow for that discomfort? 


You can become an emotional alchemist, learning to transform circumstances and different perspectives into the gold that becomes the foundation of who you grow into.




Come to this workshop if you want to learn:

  • How to develop the capacity to hold multiple truths at once (because sometimes, maybe you're both right)
  • 2 superpowers that will transform your relationships
  • Compassion > criticism...starting with yourself.
  • Navigating the in-between, transitions, and the many  shifts in relationships over the past couple years as you head into a new season of reinvention.
  • How to bravely handle uncomfortable conversations
  • How to utilize your energy and boundaries with ease
  • Create more agency in your relationships despite never being taught these skills elsewhere. Your relationships = your responsibility. And that's empowering AF.
  • Why it might be less about them and more about you in some instances when you have a strong reaction to someone's opinion
  • How to understand the nuance and flexibility we need to bring to our relationships.
  • How to relax into the ebbs and flows of life and utilizing compassion to let go of relationships that aren't intended to stay in our lives.
  • Tools, prompts & guided questions to create fresh perspectives

What's included?

A PDF guide with powerful exercises

Q&A to answer all your questions

Actionable tools to use in real life

This workshop is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience. With guided exercises and support, you’ll leave this workshop aligned with powerful new perspectives and compelling skills that will reinvent how you show up in your relationships. 


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Don't take my word for it...

Jess Bommarito

"Emily presented on personal and professional relationship building for a group I facilitate and for LONG after the workshop, group members would bring up in conversation how Emily opened their minds and hearts to the many ways they can deepen and improve the relationships in their lives. Members have told me about conversations they've had with their partners and family members, as a result of the session they attended with Emily. Her valuable and generous presentation offered such a beautiful and playful perspective on what makes a relationship meaningful, authentic and, ultimately, deeply connected."

Barry O.

 "When I heard Emily say that compassion was her superpower...I honestly kinda rolled my eyes. 25 minutes into her presentation, it was clear to me...she was absolutely right!!!"

Mario M.

"Emily understood me as an individual and coached me to deal with my pain, made me sit in the discomfort and helped me figure out how to live with it in a healthy way rather than suppressing it. This work is extremely difficult and doing it on your own is even harder. Being uncomfortable is what pushes us to become better people and understand ourselves. What I learned most from Emily was self compassion and that’s how I like to live now. It’s something I had really struggled with, especially as an overachiever and a male."

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Compassion is my superpower.


It's a strength that has continued to grow over years of tough realizations, hard conversations, studying under top coaches & mentors, and learning to look closely at my own shadows.

My capacity for compassion has expanded over time into being able to see & understand the perspectives of people who deeply hurt me, even when I didn’t agree with their actions or opinions.

I'm Emily Gough, human connection coach, teacher of navigating the complexities of the human experience, founder/host of the respected top 200 podcast Room to Grow™ and featured in well-known publications like Forbes & Thrive Global.

My goal is to open as many hearts and minds as possible through the power of relationships.

Through many years of personal study & professional experience working with clients, I take a holistic approach utilizing the mind-body connection and guiding you to tap into the innate wisdom you already possess.

What you most need to know about me is that I fully believe in playing in the middle ground of nuance.

Understanding how our individual world views are shaped.

Getting curious about why someone does the things they do.

Holding a safe space for the conversations that facilitate transformative growth. 

And I'm here to teach you how to do the same.

Expand your capacity for compassion and watch your relationships flourish.