Aren't you tired of not being heard?

Here's what you need to know about working with me and what this course will teach you:

I'm all about real, genuine connection with other human beings and building relationships and helping others create the same for themselves.

Putting all the focus on the numbers, whether that's downloads, dollars or Instagram followers is bullsh*t.

Your voice can have a massive impact beyond your wildest dreams - if you let it.

Grit, determination and messy action is how you build the podcast & business you're dreaming about, not by letting fear stop you in your tracks.

Everyone has a unique set of stories and experiences that someone else would benefit from learning. Showing up as yourself and letting people see your imperfections is what will set you apart in a noisy online space.

Are you ready yet?

Private Business Coaching with Emily Gough


Let's see if we're a good fit! We're going to be working very closely together to get you BIG results and major wins, and I'm only looking to work with people who are serious and committed to dedicating the time and energy necessary to do the work.

This is for anyone done sitting on the sidelines and who is looking to come up with a clear plan of action for their business and how to scale, so that you can make more money and reach the people who need to hear from you that you’re trying to serve. And this isn't just about the plan - this is about the IMPLEMENTATION. We're not F'ing around here.

Because of the high-touch nature of this coaching, there are very limited spots and not all applicants will be accepted. I'm not willing to sacrifice the energy and quality of coaching required to help you reach your goals by taking on too many people, or taking on those who aren't ready to get down to business (pun intended!) and hit the ground running.

Filling out the application form does not commit you, but please do not apply unless you are serious.

If you're a good fit, you'll be contacted within 24 - 48 hours with further details, including payment.